A Gem Block (plural Gem Blox) is a major type of Blox which appear to resemble gems and are the goals for many levels.

Role in Boom Blox Edit

Gem Blox are seen as blue and shiny. When they hit the ground, they burst into blue sparkles. They reward the player points, if the objective says so. Certain characters are attracted to Gem Blox. The Bear characters from the Medieval theme will appear out of portals and travel towards any Gem Blox. If they collect one, it will turn red and they will slowly march back to the portal. If they reach it, the gem is lost. Zero Bandito will run around the area, searching for Gem Blox. Like the Bears, they will steal a Gem Blox if they spot one. In the Halloween-themed levels, the Gem Blox are replaced by Jack-O-Lanterns filled with candy. Emily Mittens and the Mittens will be attracted to these gems.

Role in Bash Party Edit

In the sequel, the Gem Blox are given 3 more colors than the regular blue: red, yellow, and green. In Create mode, the player can paint Gem Blox with these colors. The Gems Blox are used more in this game. In the game mode Elimination, and its variants, the Gem Blox are seen as discs (flat cylinders) that each player must eliminate in order to win.